Join Our Team

Our team is always growing, and we are always looking for new, passionate members to join us on mission. There are many different ways to serve with us. Check out our different teams.

Outreach Team

For gals:

Ladies! Our outreach team goes out once a month to different clubs in the San Fernando Valley. Training is required prior to your first outreach. This will give you more details about the ministry, as well as clear up any anxieties you may have about the outreach. We require a minimum of one year commitment to this team because the relational side of this ministry is the most important. We have team meetings every other month to see what is going well, what we can change, what we have in the coming months, and to just catch up!

For guys:

Yes, we need guys! Every outreach, we bring 2 men with us. One to drive, one to copliot. This is to ensure that someone always knows where our team is, and is always praying with us and for us. No, you don’t get to come inside.

Prayer Team Info

The Strip Church LA prayer team is a vital part of this ministry! We send out prayer emails each month prior to our outreaches with specific prayer requests. All we ask is that you read your email and pray! Pray in the car, in your room, at the park. This is a flexible commitment, and so very appreciated by our entire team.

Gift Team Info

Strip Church LA is always in need of gifts! Each month we bring a small basket of “goodies” for the girls. This ranges from nail polishes, to lip gloss, to chocolates, pretty tissue papers, etc. We are always looking for groups to purchase high quality donations or sponsor our monthly baskets. We are also interested in partnering with companies that would like their products to be a part of this ministry.

We would love to get to know you! Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in joining Strip Church LA.